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Informatique – technique – scientifique
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Our mission

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Dynamic Software Development
Quality Process Integration

Supported by a wide experience in biological and chemical research
we not only provide the best software solutions for
     – data managing, managing of results and documents,
     – work organisation,
     – and automatizing of device tasks
but we do assist our clients in the practical realisation of their projects, each representing a unique set of basic requirements.

J-P Feron

Curriculum Vitae

1965   Promotion ALC A1 EPI
                       (Liège Belgium)
1965-93 Laboratory head in Agrochemistry, Ecology and Analytic at Sandoz             and Ciba (Basel, Switzerland)
1994 Promotion as computer engineer            IBB Basel 
Establishment of Feron Informatique
2000 CD-ROM of Movelier
Development of visONcd
Domicile How to get in touch with us

 Europe's center

FERON INFORMATIQUE Sàrl  has its headquarter in
Movelier, Jura, Switzerland, 10 km from Delémont,
40 km from Basel and 6 km of the french borderline.
You will better find us by clicking on the map

For further information about our business
     contact us by:

Phone: 0041 (0) 32 431 14 23

Fax:     0041 (0) 32 431 19 59

Mail address: Rue Principale 3a, CH–2812 Movelier

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